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PHOTOBIO Multibar MXR 300W (3C)

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The PHOTOBIO Multibar MXR 300W (3c) LED grow light is the next evolution in cannabis grow lights.

Optimized for flowering stages, the 300W LED grow light utilizes 3 glass lensed, extruded aluminum channels to deliver maximum PPFD with controlled light uniformity and zero baffling. PHOTOBIO’S next generation broadband spectrum, rich in deep red and blues, ensures precise chlorophyll A&B absorption rates. Coupled with the most advanced UVA treatment technology built right into the fixture, top cannabis growers can rest assured they will get the best in pathogen mitigation and unsurpassed finishing quality. PHOTOBIO’S full spectrum 300W LED grow lights deliver beyond PAR. They are easy to install, energy efficient, and designed and manufactured to meet the challenges of today’s cannabis grow facility.

Product Specifications

PHOTOBIO Multibar MXR 300W

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SpectrumRadiance UV+DR Enhanced Broadband
Growth StageFull Spectrum – All Growth Stages
Nominal Input Power315W – Optimized for Veg
LED Channels3
OpticsGlass Lensing – Sealed
PAR Efficacy*2.5 µmol/J
Typical Photon Flux (PPF)790 µmol/s
Operational Frequency50/60Hz
Power Factor>90%
Dimensions44″ x 44″ x 2″
Weight22 lbs. (9.98 kg)
Beam Angle120 Degrees
Input Voltage110 – 277VAC or 348 – 480 VAC – Driver Pre-Installed
IP Rating**IP66
AssemblyFully Assembled/Ready to Grow – Crated Freight Required
Dimming & Control0-10V – PWM – RJ12 Port Pre-Installed
Warranty5 Year Limited
* Efficacy Tested at Fixture Level. ** Self Verified

Custom Light Layout Service

PHOTOBIO Multibar MXR 300W for commercial cannabis growers.

IGE -Hydrofarm Commercial offers professionally rendered lighting plans to help you evaluate the needs and requirements of your project.

UV Spectrum

Normalized Photon Output

PHOTOBIO Multibar MXR 300W for commercial cannabis growers.

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