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When it comes to Grow Media for commercial cannabis growers, Hydrofarm has a selection that is second to none.

We offer a great selection of grow media for commercial growers with products from not only our own brand, GROW!T, but also many from leading brands like Roots Organics, Grodan, and more. All of these companies provide growing media for commercial cannabis growers that include many kinds of coco coir, soils, coir-based mixes, and other soilless media.

Because we offer so many great options, contact our commercial team to help you select the right grow media to fit your needs.

Grodan Propagation Solutions

Growers are increasingly focusing on desired crop development; this is partly determined by the variety that is selected, and the desired plant type. Factors that influence the choice of variety include the plant size, the required vine development with tomatoes or whether crops are grown under natural or grow lights. Propagators steer how crop variety is propagated on the basis of climate and irrigation strategy. The choice of blocks largely determines the irrigation strategy, which ultimately yields the type of plant required by the grower. Grodan offers a wide range of blocks and plugs that yield uniform plants under various cultivation conditions.

Grodan grow blocks and plugs for growing commercial cannabis.


Commercial Coco Coir

GROW!T™ Commercial Coco Coir represents the highest quality coco coir available. Lab tested and ultra-clean, GROW!T Commercial Coco is a special blend of coir (long fibers) and pith (small particles) for ideal drainage, and it’s buffered for high yields. GROW!T Commercial Coco Coir is rinsed and processed for low EC levels, and every batch is lab tested for heavy metals. This premium coco is available loose, compressed, and in four sizes of RapidRIZE™ Fast Expanding Blocks.

GrowIt Grow media in commercial sizes


Roots Organic by Aurora
Formula 707

Formula 707 was created for a special kind of gardener: one who wants to control their own destiny. It is different from the other potting mixes created by Aurora Innovations. It was designed with greater water holding capacity, less perlite and pumice, and specific ingredients for large container gardening. Made from only the finest ingredients, coarse peat, coco fiber, compost, perlite, pumice, worm castings, bat guano, fish bone meal, soybean meal, feather meal, kelp meal and much more.

Roots Organic / Aurora Innovations grow media.