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Welcome to the primary resource for consumables for all your commercial cannabis cultivation needs.

At Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE) – Hydrofarm Commercial, we provide not just equipment but also consumables essential to the healthy growth and productive yield of your cannabis crops. We proudly offer a vast range of carefully curated products, each designed to support different aspects of the cultivation cycle.

To make your exploration easier, we’ve grouped our product offerings into three key categories: Growing Media, Nutrients, and Pest Control. By focusing on these aspects, we help ensure that your cannabis cultivation is successful, from the planting of seeds to harvesting mature plants.

Growing Media

The foundation of any successful cultivation is the medium in which the plants grow. It’s about more than just soil – it’s about creating an ideal environment where your cannabis plants can flourish. Our selection of premium Growing Media products, including various blends of soil, coco coir, peat moss, and more, are engineered to optimize growth and yield, ensuring your plants have the perfect base to thrive.


Like all living organisms, cannabis plants require a balanced diet to grow to their full potential. Our range of Nutrients are scientifically designed to provide your plants with the essential macro and micronutrients they need at each stage of their lifecycle. From vegetative growth to flowering, we have nutrient solutions that will ensure optimal growth and high-quality yield.

Pest Control

No cultivation is immune to the challenges posed by pests. At IGE – Hydrofarm Commercial, we provide effective Pest Control solutions that are not only effective but also adhere to regulations and are safe for your plants. Our range includes organic and non-organic solutions, all designed to keep your cultivation safe from harmful pests without compromising the quality of your yield.

At Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE) – Hydrofarm Commercial, we’re passionate about helping you achieve the highest yields and the best quality from your commercial cannabis cultivation. Explore our categories for a comprehensive range of consumables designed to maximize your results. For any queries or assistance, our dedicated team is always ready to support you on your cultivation journey. Happy growing!