The right choice for commercial cannabis nutrients can spell the difference between a good harvest and a spectacular one. We’ve curated a range of top-tier nutrients for commercial cannabis cultivation, specially formulated to meet the unique needs of cannabis plants at every stage of their growth.

Why Choose Our Nutrients?

  1. Superior Formulation: Drawing from decades of research and cultivation experience, Hydrofarm Commercial’s nutrients are a blend of the finest elements, meticulously crafted to maximize cannabis yield, potency, and overall health.
  2. Consistent Results: Consistency is key in commercial cultivation. Our nutrients guarantee uniform growth, ensuring each plant reaches its full potential.
  3. Custom Solutions: Every crop is unique. We offer tailored nutrient solutions to cater to the specific needs of your strain, soil, and cultivation methods.

Elevate Your Growth

Commercial cannabis cultivation is as much an art as it is science. And the canvas? The nutrients you feed your plants. With Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE)- Hydrofarm Commercial by your side, you’re not just growing cannabis – you’re cultivating excellence.

Discover our range of nutrients for commercial cannabis cultivation and let’s embark on a journey to harvests beyond your wildest expectations.

House & Garden is a plant fertilizer producer focused on creating High Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Service.

House & Garden is located in Humboldt County, California, and produces premium-grade plant nutrients and fertilizers available across the globe. Whether you garden as a hobby, or grow food and/or flowers for the masses, House & Garden’s line of high quality plant nutrients and additives can aid in increasing your crop’s yield and overall quality.

While these products were originally formulated and produced in Holland, all of these premium products are now made in Humboldt County, California, using the same European practices and raw materials. With the combined power of Dutch craftsmanship and Humboldt’s plant-specific knowledge, Hydrofarm is proud to offer these nutrients and supplements to the world.

House & Garden is the premier Commercial cannabis nutrient.  Dry Nutrients. Additives.


Grotek, a Greenstar Plant Products brand, has been providing growers with quality science and exceptional results for over 20 years. Our high-performance products have earned the trust of both hobby and commercial growers worldwide. Grotek has been an industry pioneer, combining key organic extracts with mineral fertilizers, giving growers the opportunity to vastly improving harvest quality.

At Grotek, we have invested in our client’s success. It all starts in our production facility where we begin by sourcing ingredients based on quality rather than price. Virtually all of our ingredients are sourced from North America and Europe to ensure the highest specifications are met. Our goal is to cultivate mutually beneficial, long-term relationships based on trust and world-class service

Grotek – Nutrients for commercial cannabis cultivation

Grotek nutrients for commercial cannabis cultivators


Professional Flowering base nutrient designed to fuel plants with complex ingredients to drive quality and yields to astounding heights.

Heavy 16 is the potent streamlined and effective choice for the worlds most discerning professional growers.

More science fewer bottles.

Heavy 16 pushes crops to their ultimate potential using a powerful combination of synthetic and natural ingredients in a system that is straightforward to apply and maintain.

  • improves overall plant nutrition
  • improves soil/nutrient conditions for better crop yield
  • optimizes soil/nutrient conditions for plant growth
  • Organic nutrients for commercial cannabis cultivation
Heavy 16 nutrients for commercial cannabis cultivation


Dating back to the company’s inception in 1984, Age Old has always striven to develop plant fertilizers that are both sustainable and effective. Our product line was originally developed for discerning customers, who saw a need for high-performance products that nurtured the biological life in the soil. Today, we continue to strike that beautiful balance between the natural and synthetic worlds—embracing the “Age-Old” ways of growing, while weaving in specific technologies that enhance the growth of plants in a sustainable way. With a profound respect and appreciation for the age-old ways, along with a culture that thrives on research and innovation, we continue to test and develop plant nutritional products that bring solutions to growers across the country and around the world.

You can find Age Old products being used in greenhouses, container gardening, landscaping, and commercial hydroponic production. Our fertilizers, plant nutrients, and soil conditioners are also used on ornamentals, golf courses, farms, lawns, and athletic fields. Age Old has prospered and grown. Starting out as a small, family-run business, Age Old now distributes its products all over the United States.

Age Old Commercial Cannabis nutrients for cannabis cultivation