PHOTOBIO MX2 680W 100-277V S4 Spectrum

PHOTOBIO MX2 680W LED Grow Lights are great for:
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The PHOTOBIO•MX2 changes everything, again. The best-selling PHOTOBIO MX fixture evolves with higher output and better efficiencies while still delivering the same great recipe many growers have come to love. We care about you and your crops. We know nothing will stop you from focusing on the goal and trying to do better. Photobio has similar beliefs, to always try to raise the bar and be BETTER. The result is a 1,870 uMol/s (PAR) fixture that consumes the same power as the original MX while delivering enhanced efficacy at 2.8 uMol/J. The PHOTOBIO MX2 offers 10% more photon output, 10% better efficiency and a 47% weight reduction compared to the original model. The wide light bars deliver the uniformity and intensity that professional growers desire. Increase yields while driving down operational cost with the PHOTOBIO MX2.

PHOTOBIO MX2 680W Product Features

Product Specifications


S4 Spectrum

Normalized Photon Output

Recommended Accessory

Autopilot PX2 Lighting Controller

Item Code: APDPX2

Custom Light Layout Service

offers professionally rendered lighting plans to help you evaluate the needs and requirements of your project.

Professional Grow Light Accessories

The PHOTOBIO MX2 680W LED grow light can be controlled through a 0-10V analog signal from your master greenhouse controller with the use of our inexpensive APDX2 Controller or independently through the onboard dimming control.

  • Fully compatible with the optional PHOTOBIO AC Power Distribution Tree cabling system – enables interconnection of multiple fixtures on a single power drop, reducing electrical infrastructure costs. 
  • Fully compatible with optional PHOTOBIO DC Communications Tree cabling system – enables interconnection of multiple fixtures on a centralized controller

Power Harness Options

CHE1063000W10′ F 16AWG WT w/
leads, Harness
CHE1063010W10′ F 16AWG WT
110–120V Plug, 5-15P,
CHE1063015W10′ F 16AWG WT
208–240V Plug, 6-15P,
CHE1083020W10′ F 18AWG WT 277V,
L7-15P, Harness


APDPX2Autopilot PX2 Advanced Lighting Controller

Other Options

Quantum PAR Meter
HLH1002Hydrofarm Light Riser Hanging System w/Push Button Release, 1/8″
PTBCC8820WPHOTO•LOC 0-10V Control Cable Kit (White)
PTBRDMX16WPHOTOBIO•MX 16′ Remote Driver Mounting Kit (White)

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