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Professional LED Grow Lights from Valoya

We are proud to offer a line of the finest quality grow lights from the VALOYA company to our customers. These grow lights are specifically designed for commercial plant growers. The various models have applications in greenhouses, as well as growth chambers, propagation areas, vertical farming, and indoor production.
The fixtures come in several forms, including a concentrated rectangular form that can replace a typical HID light fixture, and several linear forms that can be used in greenhouses with little to no shading, as well as in indoor propagation or production facilities. Because of their relatively cool operating temperatures, these fixtures can be placed within a few inches of the plants without any damage to the foliage, where very high light levels are required.

For more information about Valoya lighting see below or click to visit the Valoya website.

A Research Driven LED Manufacturer

Valoya’s Research and Development focuses on two major topics: Plant Light Response Research and LED Technology Research.

The goal of all Valoya research is to deliver the maximum value to our customers by lowering costs associated with production processes and enabling more revenue.

This can be achieved through better light quality, while saving energy compared to traditional lights, translating into increased productivity, improved quality and/or faster production cycles.

Some of the research is conducted by Valoya alone and some in collaboration with the world’s leading research institutes and universities.

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RX-Series Luminaries from Valoya

The RX400 is available in NS1 (sunlight), AP67 (strong vegetative & generative growth) and AP673L (strong vegetative growth) spectra. (See light spectrum discussion below). These are premium quality fixtures designed specifically for the commercial horticulture industry, designed with years of plant growth specific research and experience. They carry up to 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Valoya LEDs are rated to at least 90 % light output at 36,000 hours, and have an expected useful life of at least 50,000+ hours. This greatly reduces overall long term operating costs. These luminaires can be placed as close as 0.5M from the plants (about 19″) up to 4M (12+’).

BX-Series Luminaries from Valoya

A linear version of the LED grow lights. They have the same features as the RX-Series discussed above. As mentioned, the BX-Series are available in 3 models. Besides the bestselling BX120, the BX90 is just under 4’ long, and uses only 88 watts; the BX180 are just under 6’ long, and use 199 watts. All the models are available in any of the 5 spectrums (see light spectrum discussion below). These fixtures are less than 3” wide, and can be used in greenhouse directly under trusses, for example, with virtually no loss of natural light due to shading. They are also the ideal choice for indoor growing, including multi-level production. They are typically installed from 0.5m (19”) to 4m (13’) above the crop.

C-Series Luminaries from Valoya

Another even smaller linear version of the LED grow lights. They have the same features as the RX and BX-series discussed above, and are available in the same light spectrum’s. They are available in three models. The C65 is just under 4’ long, and uses 65 watts; the C75 is just under 5’ long and uses 80 watts, and the C90 is just under 6’ long and uses 90 watts. All the models are available in any of the 5 spectrum’s (see light spectrum discussion below). These fixtures are only 1.77” wide. They are especially designed for use in multi leveled indoor production. They can be placed 0.1M (4”) to 1.5M (59”) above the crop, and are therefore ideal for lighting of small plants on closely spaced shelves.

All of the fixtures available from VALOYA are available in any of the 5 custom spectrum’s listed in the chart below. These are: AP67; AP673L; G2; NS1/NS12; and Architectural.

Typically only two of the spectrum’s are usually used in commercial plant production.

The AP67 spectrum is used for both strong vegetative and reproductive (flowering) plant growth cycles. It is the ideal choice where plants are being grown with the luminaries as their only source of light and you are growing plants through both vegetative and reproductive cycles.

The AP673L spectrum is even higher in PAR, but lower in far red than the AP67 spectrum. It is an extremely efficient light source for vegetative plant growth. It can also be used as supplemental light in greenhouses in conjunction with natural light, but is not as good for the reproductive (flowering) stage of plant growth when it is the only source of light, as in indoor agriculture, grow rooms, etc.

The NS1/NS12 light spectrum’s are used in research facilities, as they closely mimic natural sunlight. They are not typically used in commercial production, because of cost and efficiency