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Tank-Mart is a leading supplier of plastic water and industrial tanks in the United States. They have been in plastic tank and custom tank business since 2004 and built a solid reputation in the market. Tank-Mart prides itself on providing its clients with a wide selection of high-quality plastic tanks, friendly and professional staff, fast-operating customer support, excellent service, and most importantly the lowest prices.

You don’t need to worry about the quality of your plastic tank if you have purchased it at tank-mart.com. All of their plastic tanks are made from FDA-approved resin that corresponds to the highest standards of quality. That means that you can use their water tanks for storing potable water.

Our Expert Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration Team

Rebeka Strouse

Channel Manager, Commercial Horticulture

Rebeka Strouse Starting is the Channel Manager of Commercial Horticulture at Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE)-Hydrofarm Commercial Division with expertise in business development and channel marketing for the commercial business. Previously, she was an Account Manager on the Commercial Sales Team. Rebekah holds a BS in Plant Sciences from Penn State, specializing in horticulture. She completed internships with DuPont Pioneer and the Penn State Southeast Agricultural Research and Extension Center (SEAREC) with a focus on agronomic crops, bedding plant field trials, and vegetable production. Rebekah was Lead Horticulturist at a licensed medical commercial grower and startup business in Pennsylvania and manager of the Seed and Seedling Department at Aris Horticulture-Greenleaf Plants.

Augustin Pavel

President & CEO

Augustin Pavel has over 20 years in the water treatment industry and leads AXEON Water Technologies as the Chief Executive Officer and Head of Sales and Marketing. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from California State University – San Marcos and has brought his diverse business experience to the company and its customers. Augustin has a passion for sales and marketing; he successfully positioned AXEON as a leading manufacturer of reverse osmosis systems and membranes in North America. Under his leadership, the business continues to innovate new technologies and products while focusing on its customers and helping them drive towards success within their markets.

Ken Tan

Vice President of Engineering

Ken Tan has 33 years of water treatment experience with the specialization of membrane filtration. He currently leads AXEON’s Engineering and R&D divisions as Vice President of Engineering with expertise in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, and reverse osmosis. He graduated from Grossmont Community College with a degree in Electronic Engineering; his passion for the industry led him to further his knowledge and receive a degree in Wastewater Technology as well as a certificate for D2 Water Distribution Operator (California Certified). Throughout the years, Ken has traveled all around the world, commissioning complex RO systems and training field engineers, including sea water reverse osmosis systems for oil platforms, high-purity water systems for pharmaceuticals, remote monitoring, and PLC controllers.