No matter what kind of nutrients & fertilizer you’re looking for, Innovative Growers Equipment can help you find the right product for your grow facility.

Top Shooter by House and Garden

Top Shooter by House and Garden nutrients

House & Garden Top Shooter is a liquid version of Shooting Powder. Top Shooter is a ulta potent PK flowering booster and is able to increase yields up to 20%! This amazing bud expander is the absolute best in the field of flowering stimulators (but contains NO PGRs). It gives visible results and works brilliantly with all base nutrients. The liquid form provides an easy and precise application for all small and large growers.

Top Shooter contains a proprietary carbonate form of phosphorus and potassium, that makes it both far more pH stable and bio-available than other yield enhancers. Top Shooter is the market leader in enhancing yields.

Heavy 16 Bud Liquid Nutrients

Heavy 16 Bud nutrients

Professional Flowering base nutrient designed to fuel plants with complex ingredients to drive quality and yields to astounding heights.

Heavy 16 is the potent streamlined and effective choice for the worlds most discerning professional growers.

More science fewer bottles.

Heavy 16 pushes crops to their ultimate potential using a powerful combination of synthetic and natural ingredients in a system that is straightforward to apply and maintain.

  • improves overall plant nutrition
  • improves soil/nutrient conditions for better crop yield
  • optimizes soil/nutrient conditions for plant growth

Age Old Commercial Nutrients


The Age Old Commercial products and program are the culmination and synthesis of years of research on optimal nutrition for cannabis crops. With products and technologies based on optimal mineral nutrition, and ordanic-based additives, the Age Old Commercial program provides both high performance and simplicity. With just four concentrate tanks (and their respective injectors), growers from 500 square feet to 500,000 square feet can experience the benefits of the Age Old Commercial program, at a price that will almost certainly fit into most budgets.’ If you can get the square feet to be abbreviated ft with the little 2 after that would be great!

GroTek Fertilizer

GroTek Vitamix plus nutrients

For over 20 years, Grotek has been an industry pioneer, combining key organic extract with mineral fertilizers, giving growers the opportunity to vastly improve harvest quality.

House & Garden Nutrients

House & Garden magnesium boost nutrient products

House & Garden is located in Arcata, California, U.S.A., and produces and distributes premium-grade plant nutrients and fertilizers across the globe. Whether you garden as a hobby, or grow food and/or flowers for the masses, House & Garden’s line of high quality plant nutrients and additives can aid in increasing your crop’s yield and overall quality.

Additional Growing Media, Nutrients & Fertilizer Information

Growing Media

Agriculture today involves a wide variety of growing styles and methods and each method requires different media. Where soil was the preferred medium for centuries, we now have Hydroponics, Aquaculture and Aquaponics, Vertical and Container grows etc. As the industry continually evolves, new methods are tested and introduced. Our collaborations with leading scientists and educators allows us to stay ahead of the industry and adjust our product offerings to advance in step with the newest innovations.

Whatever your preferred growing medium may be, we can offer you substantial savings. We feature a large selection of Soils, Coco Coir, Rockwool and Stonewool, Deep Water Systems, Perlite and Salts etc. If we don’t carry it, we will source it and have it delivered onsite quickly to ensure no downtime or interruptions to your cycles and schedules.


As with growing media, the effectiveness and variety of nutrients is constantly evolving and improving. We offer a wide selection of all of the newest products available along with all of your favourites, and we carry sizes from small samples to large drums and totes. 

Cube Cap and Drip Caps

DripCaps and CubeCaps are a USA and internationally patented water and fertilizer conservation tool, designed for commercial greenhouse and hobby growers. Used as a vapour barrier cover for any and all types of growing mediums, Rockwool, Coco, Pro Mix, dirt and more. Besides being used on square blocks, they can also be used on or in square or round pots. They are the perfect solution for reducing water and fertilizer usage, lowering room humidity, reducing weed growth, powdery mildew, algae and fungus gnats. They are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate your preferred medium and are fully biodegradable.