We are proud to introduce the Innovative Lighting Equipment Radiance Spectrum LED Lighting System

Innovative Lighting Equipment’s Radiance Spectrum Series is American Born and US Assembled with the quality and precision you’ve come to expect from products bearing the Innovative name. This state of the art line of LED lighting solutions is a difference-maker, due in part to the use of spectrally-optimized photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) delivery; proven to support increased plant growth, development and yield. 

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  • PAR – Photosynthetically Active Radiation, are the wavebands of solar radiation from 400 to 700nm that plants are able to use in the process of photosynthesis. All wavelengths between 400 and 700nm contribute to photosynthesis. 
  • PBAR – Plant Biologically Active Radiation, beyond PAR regions – the UV range below 400nm and the far-red range above 700nm. These areas and their ratios strongly affect plant growth making it more accurate to refer to photobiologically active radiation ranges from 280-800nm.
  • UVA ranges take a proactive pathogen mitigation approach. The Radiance uses 385nm UVA LED chips which can be run from start to finish, programming plant DNA to intrinsically grow pest/pathogen resistant!
  • The Radiance broadband spectrum light engine is based on years of scientific research with 440nm and 660nm spikes for maximum Chlorophyll A & B absorption rates.
  • Holding true to our name, Innovative Lighting pushes boundaries going beyond PAR delivering 385nm UVA spectrum for pathogen mitigation and unsurpassed finishing quality.
  • ILE uses 4’ LED boards mounted in extruded aluminum channels using an exclusive patent pending roll-crimp process.  The result is a slim, clean, consistent, rivet-free, fixture design. 


  • Specialized lighting for 10ft racks: Two 600W and one 240W Fixtures = 12 channels at 120 watts each with uniform 10” channel spacing inside a 10-foot rack. 1440W Total.
  • 300W Veg fixtures can also be fitted. 
  • Radiance LED lights 5-Year warranty.

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