Commercial / Retail Storage Solutions

Commercial / Retail Systems

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Commercial and retail archiving solutions are essential in businesses such as libraries, warehouses, industrial and manufacturing, retail stores, and so many more. IGE is offering a safe and secure method of storing documents, materials, clothing, parts and tools, boxes, books and even precious artifacts. For many archival storage is key to day-to-day functionality, offering an accessible solution that can be designed to meet key operational needs and adapt to the size and logistical requirements of your particular building where racking is needed. This can be particularly useful in situations where the volume of storage needed and the floor space available are not always in sync. IGE has provided archive shelving and archival storage to clients for from Auto zone to agricultural storage needs, so we can adjust to your needs, and space requirements. Our units are design, manufactured and assembled right here in the USA, and delivered to your location or installed by our professional staff.

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