Commercial Racks

Commercial pallet racking is the strongest and functional racking in the industry. Adding tracks make your racks mobile and dramatically increase inventory storage space. No more wasted space, just glide the racks next to one another creating a mobile aisle for managing inventory.

Pallet racking is extremely versatile and can be configured for a variety of uses and product sizes. Racks can be stacked for even more storage capacity.

  • Stay organized
  • Stay compliant
  • Keep documents and inventory easily accessible
  • Stay on top of your business
  • The most efficient and cost-effective storage solution

Fully Customizable Lengths / heights

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Commercial racks or pallet racking for retail shops, stores and spaces from Innovative Grower's Equipment
Tracking for commercial pallet racking from IGE for retail companies like Autozone.

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Archive / Commercial Racking

  • Combine sections up to 60′ in total length (longer lengths can be custom designed but require engineering approval)
  • 8, 10 and 12 foot Increments
  • Heights come in 2′ increments from 8′ tall to 24′ tall (custom order heights are available upon request)
  • Fully Adjustable table heights
  • Direct chain driven mobile carriage
  • Track mounts right on top of existing concrete floors
  • Carriage is standard and designed for a maximum of 1,500 pounds per linear foot
  • Heavy duty stainless steel ANTI-TIP
  • Stainless steel drive rod
  • 4.5″ stainless steel wheels
  • Aluminum carriage
  • All stainless steel fasteners and hardware
  • All corrosion resistant items (Health Canada compliant)
  • Custom designed to every job
  • Custom made to order
  • Custom delivery and installation options available and performed by IGE’s own crew/delivery equipment
Commercial racking options from IGE. Also called archive racking or pallet racking