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Innovative Lighting Equipment is proud to introduce Radiance!

This series of Radiance LED Grow Lights are designed to withstand the challenging environment of a commercial cannabis grow facility while delivering optimal full spectrum light for each stage of the grow. Our commercial LED grow lights have been designed and manufactured to deliver top performance and versatility for large-scale commercial growers. The right LED lighting can increase your yield, lower your energy costs and deliver a superior flower. Contact one of our commercial cultivation experts to learn more about how Radiance Lighting can help you improve your return on investment.

  • 4′ LED Boards, no wire jumpers to ensure increased efficiency and reliability
  • Sealed glass lensing
  • Aluminum heatsink ensures good thermal dissipation and lightweight design.

Power Raceway:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Hinge with through-hole for wire harness
  • Series configuration of light bars reduces drive currents and lowers voltage drops
  • Gasket between raceway and heat sink channel to ensure IP66 compliance.
  • Flame retardant raceway cover ensures safety compliance.
4' Radiance LED boards for increased efficiency and reliability
Radiance Power Raceway is flame retardant and IP66 compliant

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