GROW!T Coco Coir, Loose, 1.5 cu ft growing media

GROW!T Coco Coir, Loose, 1.5 cu ft

GROW!T Loose Coco Coir is a natural hydroponic medium without any additional substrates. This 100% coco coir is processed and manufactured under strict quality standards. GROW!T Loose Coco Coir is buffered, treated, and enriched with micronutrients. The strategic addition of calcium and magnesium actually displaces sodium and excess potassium, creating a safe and fast-draining material. Its low EC and stable pH make this coir growing media such a supreme soilless medium that, based on our testing, we believe it is one of the best loose coco coir products on the market today.

Innovative Soil

Innovative Growers Equipment Coco & Perlite is an exceptional alternative to traditional potting soil for both indoor and outdoor container gardens. The unique blend of 50% coco pith and 50% perlite creates better drainage and aeration helping gardeners to prevent overwatering or feeding. The coconut absorbs water and nutrients, releasing them to the plants as needed. Innovative soil is the perfect alternative to traditional potting soil; it reduces compaction, results in less mold and root rot due to lower moisture and contains Fulvic Acid and Azomite.

Innovative Growers Equipment Coco & Perlite growing media performs best when used with proper fertilizer.

Innovative Growers Equipment Coco & Perlite is Innovative Soil growing media

Plant Your Roots

A-OK Starter Plugs™

A-OK Starter Plugs™

A-OK Starter Plugs™ for starting seeds and rooting of cuttings prior to plugging into the larger Gro-Blocks. Grodan Stonewool (rockwool) is made from molten rock spun into cotton candy-like fibers. A-OK Starter Plugs™ come labeled with instructions in a shrink-wrapped sheet that fits a standard 10×20 tray.

Grodean® Stonewool

Grodan® Stonewool

Gro-Blocks™ Stonewool are similar to a plant container. Need a 3 inch pot? Then choose a 3 inch Gro-Block™. Small plants can be fully grown in our larger Gro-Blocks™. Holes are the perfect size for any 1.5 inch starter plug. Big Mama is Grodan’s largest block ever produced! Big enough to grow a large plant for its entire life.



Gro-Slabs provide the final stage for growing a spectacularly large plant. Transplant your Gro-Block™ plant onto a slab just like professional growers. Uni-Slab ™has the benefits of a slab with the versatility of a block. All Gro-Slabs have vertical fibers except the 12-inch Gro-Slab, which has horizontal fibers.