Expanded Metal Benches

Innovative Growers Equipment, Inc. offers a line of expanded metal benches manufactured with the same quality materials as our signature Ebb & Flow benches. Our benches with expanded metal tops are identical to our Ebb & Flow benches, except that they have expanded metal benchtops in place of Ebb & Flow trays.

Many customers like to have some of their benches with expanded metal tops, typically in parts of their retail areas. Our expanded metal benches have the same legs and framework, as well as the same extruded aluminum side rails and rounded corners as our Ebb & Flow benches. This allows for a completely cohesive appearance in areas with both types of benches.

The aluminum side rails extend approximately three inches above the expanded metal benchtops. This helps keep plants from being knocked off the benches by employees or customers. The aluminum side rails and the expanded metal tops are hot-dip galvanized after being formed, which result in a durable bench that will retain its clean, like-new appearance for many years.

Expanded Metal Benches FAQs

What Materials Are Your Benches With Expanded Metal Tops Made From?

Our expanded metal benches are manufactured from the exact same quality materials that our Ebb and Flow benches are made from. The legs, leveling headers, and bench frameworks are made from galvanized steel tubing from Allied Tube Co. The side and end rails are extruded marine-grade aluminum. These benches are an exact match to our Ebb and Flow benches, except that the molded plastic bench tops are replaced by expanded metal. The expanded metal tops are hot-dip galvanized AFTER being expanded for long life.

How Are Your Benches Shipped?
Our expanded metal benches are shipped knocked down, completely ready to assemble. All parts are precut, and drilled and punched, and shipped with complete instructions, and all necessary fittings and fasteners. While an occasional customer may choose to pick up their order at our production facility, most orders are typically shipped via common carrier. We charge a nominal crating charge to cover part of the cost of preparing and crating your order for shipping. We usually pre-pay and add the actual freight charges. Customers are welcome to make other arrangements to pick up their order or have it shipped to them via their preferred carrier.