Microgreens Production

Microgreens can be a great option when selecting a product to start a small business or to expand your current market. Why? Microgreens are relatively easy to grow in comparison to other crops and cycles are very short. Therefore, you can quickly learn and improve your production technique, correct mistakes and become a good microgreens producer.

Another advantage in this product is their suitability for vertical farming. Vertical farms for microgreens production can work from a very basic installation to more sophisticated system. The use of artificial lighting within the vertical farming technologies allow the optimization of production per area.

Microgreens can bring in a good price in the market.
Once you find a market, microgreens can become a good business. This product can be very valuable in markets where you find customers interested in healthy, high nutritious products. In addition, microgreens are also a distinguished product used by chefs at “Haute cuisine” restaurants.

But, what exactly are microgreens?

Microgreens can be defined as seedlings from vegetables that are herbs. This product can have a tendency to be confused with sprouts. But definitely, they are not the same! Microgreens are harvested after cotyledons are fully developed just before true leaves start to emerge. In comparison with sprouts this product is grown under light making possible the development of stem and cotyledons.

Which hydroponic system can be used to grow your own microgreens?
As mentioned above, microgreens can be easily grown in vertical farming systems. In order to facilitate irrigation and general microgreens production in vertical farms hydroponic ebb and flow systems can be implemented. Sub irrigation provided in ebb and flow systems are great to keep moisture substrate content in a very easy and practical way.

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