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Tank Summary PART# ??0000000N-00???????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?? DIMENSIONS 000″ Diameter x 000″ Height HEIGHT WITH STAND (INCHES) 000 WEIGHT / SHIP CLASS 2500 lbs. / Ship Class 250 LIQUID ACCESS 1 Manway / Lid MANWAY / LID 1 18″ Threaded Vented Manway OUTLET / DRAIN 1 3??? PP Female NPT Bulkhead fitting CAPACITY (GALLONS) 000 TECHNICAL DRAWING CLICK HERE PHYSICAL FEATURES?? PRODUCT TYPE Cone Bottom Tank USABILITY Stationary GALLON INDICATORS No TANK USABILITY Stationary ENVIRONMENT Above Ground SPECIFIC GRAVITY 1.9 FULL DRAIN 99% Drainable ANSI / NSF 61 APPROVED RESIN Yes CONE ANGLE 30 TANK FEATURES COLOR Natural White TRANSLUCENT Yes UV STABILIZED Yes FDA APPROVED RESIN Yes (Potable and Food Grade) MATERIAL Polyethylene, cross-linked available upon request

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