AgroLED – Sun 48 LED

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SKU: 60010

Product Description

The ArgoLED Sun 48 is an environmentally friendly LED that produces over 21,900 lumens and 316.81 PPFD from only 187 watts of consumed power. Its steel housing is incredibly durable and has a white powder-coated finish. The model has louvers to ensure proper thermal management. V-hangers are included with the AgroLED Sun 48. This allows for the fixture to hang vertically or horizontally.

It comes with an eight foot power cord and an on/off switch for your convenience. The daisy chain feature makes for an ideal installation for multiple fixtures to be plugged together. This 6,500° Kelvin LED fixture is the smart choice for prop and veg cycles of your plants’ life.


  • Weight: 20.1 lb

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