3/4 Union Ball Valve


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Product Description

Easy to open and close, throughout the whole season. Rivulis has added a line of valves with all the right features, at the right price. The valves carried by Rivulis are made of tough PVC and come with EPDM seals. All metal parts are isolated from the fluid flow, making these valves highly corrosion resistant. Ease-of-use is unmatched by other valves. Features like low-torque handle, true-union design, metric and standard compatibility, corrosion resistance, and replaceable components are the reasons growers choose these valves. The valve line includes ball valves, lever operated butterfly valves, and gear-operated butterfly valves. The ball valves are available in many sizes and a choice in the type of end connections. The butterfly valves are available in multiple sizes and are compatible with valve extensions.


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