Drying racks help streamline the drying procedures, increase productivity, maximize floor space and standardizes the agriculture and cannabis drying process. Our drying racks feature three material choices; powder-coated white expanded metal, food grade plastic, and galvanized sheet metal. Each finish has unique applications, but all of them protect against corrosion and wear.

There is a much lower risk of contamination or mold when you are using a drying rack.

The IGE Dry Rack features the following:

  • Improve Efficiency
  • Save space
  • Fits through standard doors
  • Standardize drying processes
  • Adjustable rack height
  • Telescoping rack height
  • 3 Shelf varieties
    • Food Grade HIPS (plastic)
    • Galvanized Sheet metal
    • Powder Coated Expanded metal
IGE drying racks dimensions and info

Self Coating / Material Choices

IGE drying rack powder-coated white expanded metal example
Powder-coated white expanded metal
IGE drying racks are food-grade HIPS (plastic)
Food-Grade HIPS (plastic)
IGE drying rack made of galvanized sheet metal
Galvanized Sheet Metal

Take A Closer Look

Diagram: Dry Rack Assembly